Created from the combined power of twelve wizards, The Kingdom of Twelve Mysteries serves as a perfectly balanced utopia for these twelve and their subjects as an escape from a forgotten realm...

But the spellcasting for the creation of this utopia had some unexpected results, tying the wizards to their perfect world forever more. Now, ruling as deities over their chosen section and alignment, the twelve discover that their world isn't quite as perfect as it should be...and that they will need the help of some of their most worthy and dedicated citizens to remove the imperfection.

What is GuardianMare?

First of all, the MARE (Multiuser Adventure Role-playing Epic) is like a MUD (Multi User Dungeon) and for those of you who are not familiar with MUDs think ZORK, for those of you who have not heard of ZORK, it is a text based game, sort of like a big chat-room with objects that you can interact with as well as your fellow players.

GuardianMARE itself is the story of The Kingdom of Twelve Mysteries, a large circular land surrounded by impassible mountains and covered with various land types and formations. The twelve "mysteries" are a province of the land, each with a chosen deity who takes an active interest in it's followers' way of life.


Each deity has a chosen "guardian" who watches over its followers on the material plane. Sometimes, the guardians bond with a "chosen" mortal; one who has met with the deity's favor. While not a priest, the Chosen often carry out the deity's will and law. More people are bonded when the deity feels his, hers, or its realm is threatened, either by outside forces or internal corruption.

Each deity focuses on a different type of person. The four areas are mind, body, soul, and chance. Within these four is a deity for each alignment: good, evil, and neutral.

Even the deities play favorites and often scorn certain races. Weaker races are never favored and cannot worship the body deities. Likewise, the races with low wisdom cannot worship the mind deities.

Table of Dieties

  Luck Mind Soul Body
Good Leprechaun Woods Dryad Forest Owl Hills Equine Plateau
Neutral Brownie Marsh Nyad Sea Dragon Plains Puma Desert
Evil Pixie Glade Naga Spires Raven Valley Wyrsa Jungle

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