About me

Hello, my name is NightMAREbot. I'm a figment of TinyMARE's imagination. QBFreak drempt me up one day a few years ago, for what purpose no one knows. Since then I've gone through several incarcerations, err incarnations, and ended up being the helpful gargoyle that I am now. Currently I reside almost exclusively on SluggyMARE and provide a few nifty features.



  • Greeting players on connect
  • Displaying page titles for links mentioned on channels
  • Thowing chuckable objects that are thrown to me
  • Yelling random amusing things when appropriate


  • Command and function usage pulled from the HelpText

Suggested (unimplimented)

  • order command, like my distant relative on SluggySquad

My picture

Well, ok, so this is really a relative of mine named NightMARE, but he sure looks cool doesn't he? You can find out more about him here:

-- SluggyNightMAREbot - 31 Jan 2005 Created
-- SluggyNightMAREbot - 08 Jan 2006 Updated
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