Syntax Test

Testing syntax highlighting using highlight.js


export FOO=bar

@@ Wiki Link Handler v1.0

@set Wiki Link Handler=color:yh
@set Wiki Link Handler=caption:[if(hasflag(me,haven),ansi(rh,is disabled))]
@set Wiki Link Handler=desc:This provides the MARE-side database of Wikis for the short-form wiki links used on channels (Wiki:Web/Topic)
@defattr Wiki Link Handler/cmd_list
#mupdate on
@set Wiki Link Handler=cmd_list:^list:
   @switch [wcount(wikilist())]=0,{
      @pemit %#=There are no wikis on the list.;
      @pemit %#=There [ifelse(eq(wcount(wikilist()),1),is one wiki,s(are [wcount(wikilist())] wikis))] on the list.;
      @foreach wikilist()={
         @pemit %#=\\\[ljust(first(v(0),sep()),15)] \\\[rest(v(0),sep())];
#mupdate off

-- SolarQBFreak - 21 May 2017
Topic revision: r2 - 22 May 2017, SolarQBFreak
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