The unofficial list of MAREs

This is a list of MAREs known to the users of WikiMARE. Feel free to add the information for any MAREs you know of that aren't listed here. Looking to connect to a MARE but not sure how? See the HowToConnect topic.

MARE Name Host:Port Website Description
FreeMARE Port 7677   Private
SluggyMARE Loosely based on the webcomic Sluggy Freelance
SolarWinds SolarWindsMARE Dynamically generated space exploration MARE, WIP
Closed MAREs
GuardianMARE Become a chosen one! Currently Closed
KidraMARE   Closed
LucidMARE   Lucid Reality meets ASCII art Temporarily Closed - join the non-combat version on port 9876! Both versions now closed!
NightMARE Private   Home of NightMAREbot Closed, but you can visit NightMAREbot on SluggyMARE
OceanMARE   Closed
ShadowMARE   Closed
SkyMUSE   Closed
UniverseMARE   A space themed MARE Currently Closed
WindsMARE The Northwind Saga RPG Closed for rebuild
YoShIeMARE   Closed

Change History

-- SluggyQBFreak - 16 Feb 2017

  • Added SolarWinds
  • Check all MAREs for online/offline status and updated list accordingly
  • Added Defunct OceanMARE and FreeMARE for completeness

-- SoaringDragon - 27 Jul 2005
-- SluggyQBFreak - 01 Feb 2005
-- SluggyQBFreak - 12 Dec 2005
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