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Inter-mare data system

The inter-mare data system is designed to provide a common interface for sharing data between MAREs. This is the heart of NightMAREbot, allowing data to be sent between the home and remote MAREs.


The data is sent in packets. Each packet is constructed of text-encoded fields. Any special characters required in the fields are not encoded, such as the @ and . in the from field.

Packet field order
1 2 3 4
to from id data

Packet field description
field format purpose
to attribute @ object . mare recipient address
from attribute @ object . mare sender (return) address
id number id reference number, sender/recipient can use this however they wish
data string data, or message body if using email terms

Sample IMDS packet
connect@io.nightmare connect@io.testmare 12345 CONNECT_32__35_2484_32_24_32_1142565301_46_246085

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