TWikiMARE Organization

How it's all arranged

TWikiMARE is divided into several main sections, called Webs. The sitemap lists the webs and their uses:

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So...Where do I put this?

There are a few basic guidelines to help determine what web a topic should go in:
  • If the information is specific to a MARE it should go in the web for that MARE
    • If there is no web for that MARE, you can ask one of the MARE's admins to Request A Web for their MARE
  • Anything specific to the TinyMARE engine should go in the TinyMARE web
    • This includes built-in commands, coding and building information, and hard-code bugs
  • General MARE-related information that does not fit into another web goes in the Mare web
    • This includes clients, object parents and nifty bits of code
  • If you're still unsure where to put a particular topic the Mare web is your best bet

Please check back from time to time to see if these guidelines have been updated.

Happy Twiki-ing!

-- SluggyQBFreak - 30 Jul 2005
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