Useful Tools

This is a collection of useful tools related to MAREs and MUDs in general.

Discord Playing title tool

This will create a new window with the title of your choosing, which you can then add to Discord as a game such that it appears under your name as Playing . It can be used in one of two ways. Run it normally and it will prompt you for a title. If you run it from the command line, it will set the title to whatever command line parameters you pass it. For instance title.exe SluggyMARE will set the title to SluggyMARE. The title can be as many words as your wish. The window width will automatically expand to compensate.

Mudlet mupdate script

This script will create an alias to send multi-line files to your MUD. It has the ability to send sections of the file as a single line. This is useful for games where you can write code in-game, but it must all be compressed into a single attribute. To install, use the Mudlet Package Manager to install mupdate.xml, then open the Variables screen and create a new variable called mupdate_path. The value of mupdate_path will be the path to the folder where you store the files you intend to send to the game. Remove the trailing \ if any. For example, mine is M:\mud\mare. To use, type the following into the input box, when connected:

/update filename

In order to make use of the feature to compress multiple lines into a single line, you'll want to use the #mupdate on and #mupdate off keywords. When reading a file to send, if #mupdate on is encountered, the script will begin concatenating each line it receives to the end of the previous. Once it encounters a single . on a line by itself, it will send what it has stored. #mupdate off will restore the normal mode of immediately sending each line as it is read from the file. For example, if we have this test file:
@echo Line 1
@echo Line 2
#mupdate on
@echo Line 3
@echo Line 4
#mupdate off
@echo Line 5

and we send it with /update, we'll get something that looks like this:
Line 1
Line 2
Line 3 @echo Line 4
Line 5

Note that the attempt to @echo Line 4 is stuck to the end of Line 3, because #mupdate was on. The reasoning behind using the . to send the line, is so that you can build multiple lines within a single #mupdate on/off and send each one without having to toggle #mupdate off and back on again.

TinyFugue mupdate script

This script is identical in function to the Mudlet script (in fact, it is the basis for the Mudlet script). However, it preserves tabs, where the Mudlet script converts them to spaces. You will need to edit the file to set your path.

-- SluggyQBFreak - 11 Mar 2017
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