Statistics on your current condition are available and can be built into a custom prompt on the mare.

Here is a breakdown of available statistics and how they can relate to one another.

[v(health)]             : Current Health Points
[v(hplimit)]            : Total Health Points
[v(magic)]              : Current Magic Power
[v(mplimit)]            : Total Magic Power
[v(endurance)]          : Current Endurance
[v(enlimit)]            : Total Endurance

[v(strength)]           : Current Strength
[my_atk()]              : Total current attack power (primary hand, not accounting for ambidexterity penality)
[my_atktemp()]          : Amount of your attack power that is time limited
[v(vitality)]           : Current Vitality
[my_def()]              : Total current defense power
[my_deftemp()]          : Amount of your defense power that is time limited (eg, Magic Shield)
[v(intelligence)]       : Current Intelligence
[my_matk()]             : Total current magic force
[my_matktemp()]         : Amount of your magic force that is time limited
[v(wisdom)]             : Current Wisdom
[my_mdef()]             : Total current magic resistance
[my_mdeftemp()]         : Amount of your magic resistance that is time limited
[v(agility)]            : Current Agility
[v(dexteriity)]         : Current Dexterity
[v(luck)]               : Current Luck
[v(willpower)]          : Current Willpower

[pennies(v(#))] : Gold pieces in your inventory
[v(vault)]      : Gold pieces in the bank

[v(level)]      : Your current level
[v(experience)] : Your current experience
[v(virtue)]     : Your current virtue

Useful equasions and tips:

Experience needed till you level:

Total money (on hand and in the bank):

  [v(vitality)] gives your base defense power.
  [my_def()] gives your total current defense power.
  [my_deftemp()] gives your current temporary defense power bonus (eg, Magic Shield).
  [sub(sub(my_def(),my_deftemp()),v(vitality))] gives the defense power gained from any armor, boots, etc you are wearing.

You can apply these to attack power, magic force or magic resistance by modifying the variables accordingly.

Example Prompt which shows your HP before every command:
  @prompt me=HP: [v(health)]/[v(hplimit)] >

It is important to note that the HP will not update in battle unless you are typing commands. During a battle you can just press enter occasionally to tell the MARE to update your prompt.

-- WindsMerlin - 18 Jan 2006
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