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dbref: #7419
Author: TheFool76


wander info shows current wander status
wander start starts wandering
wander stop stops wandering
wander reset sets current room back to the start of the path
wander help show this help text
wander wander object only command - wander obj uses this internally


@current_path_attr name of attr to find room list for path - Allows easy switching between different path lists
@mode wander mode (RAND, LIN, LOOP, RAID, SHUF)
@direction direction of travel (A, D) (Only aplys to LOOP and LIN modes)
@wandering indicates if the wander code is currently enabled (1, 0)
@current_dest The room to move towards
@current_dest_num The position of the current room in the room list
@wander_delay time in seconds to wait between moves
@awander replaces @amove for wanderers - triggers after room actions


RAND picks dest from list at random
LIN cycles through the list from end to end
LOOP loops through the list in one @direction
RAID bounces between the first room in the list and one randomly picked from the remainder
SHUF like loop except the direction randomly changes each time

Room Actions

To set an action that is triggered when the wanderer enters a room define an atribute on the wanderer with the same name as the id of the room you want the action on. The room does not have to be one of the rooms in the path.

@def Lost Child/#1234
@#1234 Lost Child=wander stop;@emit %n falls down the well!;@atime me="HELP! I'm in the well!


Questions and comments are welcome!

-- SluggyQBFreak - 04 Nov 2006

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