Solar Winds MARE

Solar Winds MARE is a space themed MARE with a procedurally generated universe. It is still in the concept and building stage. It already has a system in place that allows for a single room to create a sector of space encompassing nearly a billion virtual rooms.

If you're interested in helping create Solar Winds, shoot me an email and I'll send you the information to get connected. My email address can be found on my user page at SluggyQBFreak

The Concept

Space will be divided into sectors, each 999 x 999 x 999 rooms. Each sector will contain one or more stars, and in most cases one or more planets as well. There are also the possibilities for asteroid fields and other celestial features. Stations may be built as well. Ships will traverse the rooms of the sectors. There will be docking collars on stations to allow ships to dock and exchange passengers or freight. Some ships may be capable of landing planet-side. For extra-sector travels, jump points will tie sectors together.

-- SluggyQBFreak - 17 Feb 2017
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