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The +mail system allows a user to send messages to anyone else online, and read messages sent by other players. To send someone a message, type +mail <player>=<text>. You may specify more than one player to send mail to by separating their names with a space, but standard prices apply for each additional message to be sent. Typing +mail without any arguments will display the list of messages you currently have in your mailbox. To view a message, type +mail <message#>. To delete a message, type +mail delete=<message#>. Deleted messages disappear from your mailbox when you leave the game. A full list of +mail commands is shown below.

+mail [list] - Lists your current mail messages.
+mail check - Checks if new mail has arrived.
+mail clear - Completely clears out your mailbox.
+mail clear<msg#> - Erases a particular message number.
+mail delete=<msg#> - Marks a message for deletion.
+mail undelete=<msg#> - Saves a message from deletion.
+mail protect=<msg#> - Protects a message from being erased with +mail clear.
+mail unprotect=<msg#> - Returns message status to normal.
+mail [read] <msg#> - Reads a particular message.
+mail [send] <player>=<text> - Sends a message to a player.
+mail reply <msg#>=<text> - Replies to a particular message.
+mail forward <msg#>=<player>[,<text>] - Forwards a message to another player.
+mail rewrite/purge - Purges mailbox, zapping all messages marked deleted.
+mail version - Prints out the current TinyMARE Mail System version.

Wizard commands:
+mail scan <player>[=<msg#>] - Views mailfile of another player.
+mail remove <player>=<msg#> - Removes a message from player's mailfile.
+mail reset - Erases the entire mailfile.

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