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TinyMARE's +party system allows a group of people to explore the wilderness and dungeons together as a single party of adventurers. Members of this group follow a designated leader as a team, each taking their turn to attack monsters and share in the experience gained. Party members are oriented by rank and formation, with the leader in the front row. The leader can choose different formations based on his or her combat ability. All members can see their position on the field, as well as the status of each and every other member of the party. A party of players makes for a formiddable opponent against any threat that crosses your path.

How it works:

It only takes one person to begin a party. You can start a new party by entering the command +party create=<name>, where <name> is the name of your new party. Next, you can check out the status of your party by typing +party status. This will show your vital party statistics, including when it was created, how many Experience Points have been earned, and who is in your party.

A box to the left of the main status display shows your current party's formation as it would be on the field of battle. The numbers in the box show where your party members are in relation to each other, according to rank. In normal attacks, enemies If the party leader dies, he will exchange places with rank #2. People in a party not fighting in the same sector of the wilderness will not obtain the experience points the other gains from killing an enemy. Otherwise, all Experience Points gained are equally divided among members with a remainder going to the topmost in rank. Gold Pieces won from enemies are given out randomly to the party members present. Technique Points are given to the player who defeats the enemy. While fighting, your Agility determines who goes first in the party. You will automatically leave the party if you disconnect from the game.

+party status can show a general display of your present party's statistics. In the flags line, L stands for Leader (rank 1). F indicates that the person is following the leader around the wilderness (normally this should be the case). H means that the person is hiding his party title from other players outside of the party. A means the player has a condition ailment associated with his status. You may use +party com or the command -<msg> to send a message to everyone in the party. A full list of +party commands is shown below.

Party Member Commands:
+party list - Lists the parties currently running in the game.
+party status - Shows the current status of the party.
+party create=<name> - Create a new party.
+party join - Join the party that you have last been invited to.
+party leave - Leave the current party.
+party follow - Start/stop following your leader through rooms.
+party hide - Hide/Show that you belong to the current party.
+party row=<rank#> - Switch to a lower rank in party formation.
+party com=<message> - Sends a message to everyone in the party.

Party Leader Commands:
+party name=<new name> - Rename the current party.
+party invite=<player> - Invite another player to your party.
+party kick=<player> - Boots the player out of the party.
+party leader=<player> - Selects someone else to be the leader.
+party rank=<player>,<rank#> - Positions a player to a specific rank.
+party formation=<strategy> - Selects a new party formation during combat.
+party reset - Clears the Exp/Min and resets party's creation time.

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