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+sbar on|off
+sbar reset
+sbar floor
+sbar color=<0-10>
+sbar clock=on|off|default|12|24|game|game-24|age

The status bar is a real-time region that gets fixed to the top of your viewing screen, using VT100 or ANSI terminal emulation. The components of the status bar are your current Hit Points, Magic Power, Endurance, Gold Pieces, Level, and current Condition. Also shown is your total Experience, and how many points you need for the next level.

Type +sbar on or +sbar off to turn your status-bar on or off. The status bar will be removed when you properly disconnect from the game. If your status-bar ever gets jumbled, typing +sbar on or clear will redisplay the screen, hopefully fixing any errors. The background color of the status-bar may be set by using +sbar color=#, where # is a number from 0 through 10. To reset your entire status-bar configuration to default vaules, type +sbar reset.

In this status bar is also implemented a real-time clock. You may alter the clock, using the command +sbar clock, to show 12 or 24 hour real-life or current-game time. You may also specify to display your character's age, shown in hours:minutes. Also, at times during your travels, you will notice two letters appear in the upper right corner of your status bar. This tells you that you have changed to a new floor, or level, in a particular dungeon. To view the current floor you are on, type +sbar floor.

See also: clear, sector, weather, +term

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