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@inactivity all
@inactivity <playername>

Powers: Nuke

This command lists or processes all characters that have not logged onto the game for an extended period of time. The length of time each player may go inactive depend upon their Level and Experience Points that they have. Players with 0 Experience Points only get 7 days of inactivity, players lower than Level 4 get 1 month, others lower than Level 25 get 3 months, and all others get a total of 6 months of inactivity time. If the database is not combat-enabled, all non-administrative players get 6 months. If you specify a <playername> along with this command, it will check to see if that particular player is inactive or not according to the above rules.

Once every Saturday night at sunset in game-time, netmare will automatically @nuke all characters who are considered inactive. This only occurs if the @config setting INACTIVENUKE has a value of 1. A wizard may type @inactivity all to nuke all such characters at different times of the week. It is also possible to save any character from destruction completely by setting that player with the Inactive_OK flag.

See also: @nuke, Inactive_OK

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