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@search <player>
@search <category>=<type>
@search <player> <category>=<type>

This command searches through the database, and lists all players, things, rooms, and exits for which <type> matches on the object under the specified <category>. If no arguments are given to the command, it will display all of the objects you own or control, including exits (unlike @find). All exits displayed are listed with their source room and destination room. All things are listed along with their location. The Stats power is required to search players other than yourself. Because of the strenuous processor usage that this command takes up to fulfill the search, a rather large fee is required to operate this command. The Free power negates this fee. A full list of @search categories is shown below.

@search attr=<name>:<pattern> Displays all objects with a matching <pattern> on attribute <name>, both which may contain wildcards.
@search class=<rank> Display all players whose class matches <rank>.
@search exit=<pattern> Display all exits whose names match <pattern>.
@search flags=<flaglist> Display all objects whose flags contain those letters listed in <flaglist>, as they appear after the database reference number. All flag letters are case-sensitive.
@search inzone=<object> Display all rooms whose zone is linked to a particular <object>.
@search links=<room> Displays all objects that are linked to <room>.
@search name=<pattern> Display all objects, of any type, whose names match <pattern>.
@search player=<pattern> Display all players whose names match <pattern>.
@search room=<pattern> Display all rooms whose names match <pattern>.
@search thing=<pattern> Display all things whose names match <pattern>.
@search type=<pattern> Display all objects whose type matches <pattern>, which must be one of Player, Thing, Room, Zone, or Exit.
@search zone=<pattern> Display all zones whose names match <pattern>.
@search type=room
Lists all rooms that you own.
@search me attr=desc:*table*
Lists objects you own whose description contains the word 'table'.
@search name=wind
Lists objects you own whose name matches the word 'wind', including things like 'windmill' and 'window'.

See also: @find

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