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examine <object>
examine <object>/<attribute>

examine <object>=all
examine <object>=brief
examine <object>=*pattern*

This command displays all the information contained within a particular object in the virtual database. The information listed includes the description of the object, as well as its owner, the flags set on it, the amount of memory it is currently using, the last time it was modified, and any other such attributes set or coded within the object itself. The object's contents, as well as its link and location are also displayed. You must be able to own the object to view a complete list of information within it, however, if the object also has the Visible flag set, anyone else may examine the object.

Typing examine without any arguments examines the current room you are in. You can also specify a distinct attribute to display on the object. If you specify this command with the argument all, then all attributes inherited by the object's parents will also be listed, prefixed with the number of generations above the attribute has passed through. If used with the keyword brief, then the contents and exits list of an object will not be displayed. If a *pattern* is specified, only those attributes whose values match the pattern will be shown.

See also: @desc, Visible

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