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This command shows you the battle summary of your online session, including the number of monsters you have killed and the number of times you have died. Among the fields, Experience Gained is the number of Experience Points gotten from killing enemies or players. Gold Difference is the total amount of Gold Pieces that you have both on hand and in the Vault, and how it has changed (positively or negatively) since the time you have last connected. Steps Taken is the number of room moves while online. Total Damage Inflicted is the amount of damage actually absorbed by the enemies you have fought. The Hit Average readout is a percentage of the number of successful hits that you have made against an enemy, divided by your total number of attacks.

Two more fields are present. Damage taken without protection is the total amount of damage that an enemy has actually inflicted upon you, without subtracting any rebound movements or armor defense points. Damage taken with protection is the total amount of Hit Points that you have lost, with armor defense points added, from attacks inflicted by enemies. It is a general rule that if the amount of damage taken with protection is greater than half of the amoung of damage taken without protection, that you are fighting in too heavy of a territory and the monsters might be a bit too strong for you. On a further note, this is the same screen that is displayed when you disconnect from the game using QUIT.

See also: QUIT

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