Willow, Goddess of the Leprechaun Woods

Willow, the Goddess of Luck, rules over the north-northeastern section of the Kingdom known as Leprechaun Woods. While not as dense as the neighboring Dryad Forest, the Woods are still thick with oaks and beeches. Through the middle flows the Salix, its banks lined with willow trees.

The Goddess filled the Woods with its namesakes to protect and guide her followers. While most anyone can see and watch the Leprechauns, very few bond with one, and fewer still actually see or hear the Goddess responsible for the mischievous Guardians.

Those who do see Willow more often than not are bonded with a Leprechaun. Usually her appearance brings tidings of danger and those who see her will play a great part in averting the dangers she warns of.

Only those who are extremely lucky manage to bond with one of the Guardians, and those who have bonded usually had the help of a charm or amulet.

One who wants to follow Willow's edict, tends to focus on increasing their luck, dexterity, and agility. The employment tends to go from assassin to juggler to petty thief.

-- SoaringDragon - 27 Jul 2005
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