NightMAREbot Botlets

Botlets are parented objects that make use of a standard interface to the bot. A single object owned by the bot provides the botlet interface.

Botlet objects

Objects in the botlet interface
Object Purpose owner
Botlet parent provides standard botlet code anyone
Botlet manager used to add/remove and enable/disable botlets admin
Bot object provides the base bot interface bot

Botlet parent

The botlet parent is responsible for providing the code needed to interface with the bot object.

Botlet information
Attribute Function
botlet_author holds the author's name
botlet_version holds the botlet's version string
botlet_desc holds the botlet's description
botlet_help holds information for the help command

Attribute Function
bot_event_cmd triggered when a bot command is recieved
bot_event_chan triggered when text is received from a channel
bot_event_connect triggered when the bot connects
bot_event_disconnect triggered when the bot disconnects
bot_event_unidle triggered when the bot unidles
bot_event_page triggered when the bot is paged

Botlet manager

Bot object

The bot object provides the base bot interface to all registered botlets.

Provided commands
Command Performs
send_chan channel text sends text to channel channel
send_page player text pages player with text

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