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fight <enemy>
fight <full name of player>

This command engages combat against a particular enemy or player located in the current room. Within one round, which usually lasts about 5 or 6 seconds and is dependent upon one's Agility, you will attack the specified target using either your fists or your equipped weapon. Your fighting power, or the amount of damage you inflict on the enemy, is determined mostly by your Attack Power.

If your opponent is still alive by the time you deliver the shot (if any), your enemy may automatically engage into battle against you, striking back before the next round. The battle ends when either you or your opponent is vanquished. You may use any item or any technique maneuver while the fight proceeds to ensure victory, yet you cannot direct a normal attack until all other such techniques are either stopped or executed.

To prevent the accidental initiation of battle against player characters, the name of the player you wish to fight must be typed out in full. See the topic Fighting for a complete summary on the sequence of battles.

See also: cast, equip, use, status, Fighting

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